Road trips are scary territory!

I'm heading out in a few hours on a 20 hour road trip leading into a two week vacation. We'll leave the vacation aside (it's also scary) and just discuss the road trip for now. Anyone out there that is eating gluten free is probably scared at this point. Rightfully so (in my mind anyway). Not that you can't eat salads at McD's or a burger without the bun at BK, etc...

I don't know about you, for me though a road trip means a sausage biscuit for breakfast, followed by another equally bread"y" fast food lunch and then donuts or a cup cake for dessert. Yeah, it's no wonder I usually feel like crap when I'm eating gluten.

Today/tomorrow I'm trying something new. I spent many hours today baking fresh gluten free bread, making egg salad, cutting up cantaloupe, watermelon and gouda cheese. I've packed gf tortilla chips, hummus, almonds and a little gf cake. Ok, so I realize that I'm not gonna lose any weight on this trip but my only goal is to avoid gluten during what has previously been a gluten fest.

So, wish me luck. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to feel so much better and enjoy the food even more than my normal fast food fare!

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