So, the last attempt at going gluten free (yeah, the one I posted about on 12/17/09...yes, my last post on this blog...yes it's now August 15, 2010) went so spectacularly horribly that I never posted again *until now* and I quit and gave up for 9 months. Now, I'm back and have been gluten free for about three weeks and have learned several things this time and again am planning on making this a life change from here forward.

For those of you out there that have tried and failed, tried again, failed again, etc. *I think you get the picture* there is hope! There's always another chance, another day a clean slate, so to speak.

I have been baking this time around. I now have an english muffin recipe that I found and feel that I've mastered. And this english muffin recipe makes into an amazing loaf of sandwich bread as well. Mmmmm! How I've been missing bread and butter and a grilled cheese, but no longer! I'll share the recipes soon...

Right now, if you've tried going gluten free and felt better but just can't quite make yourself stick to it, just do it! You'll thank yourself and you can do it.

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