So, America is on the slow boat when it comes to gluten free everything. That's my opinion anyway. In the research I've done thus far it seems that many other countries are much farther ahead in: FDA type labeling of gluten free foods, medical diagnosis and implementation of the gluten free diet, variety of foods available and in restaurants menu options ... just to name a few areas. Now, this doesn't in any way make me want to ditch the US and find another more helpful country ;) and I will say that in just 4 years since I started thinking about trying to be gluten free, things have changed DRAMATICALLY.

All this to say simply that when I saw that Schar was voted Europe's #1 gluten free brand ... I figured it must be good. Since they have more options and have been around the whole scene longer than we have, if they think it's that good, it's gotta be, right? Right! So far I've tried their breadcrumbs (in meatballs), the table crackers (think saltines but unfortunately without the salt ... still, crispy, light and delicious) and one of their pastas. It was a tiny O shaped noodle and I used it in veggie noodle soup (amazing!). I have to say, I'm sold thus far and can't wait to try more of their products. The chocolate O's (Oreo's) look so yummy!

So, head out and try to find some Schar products. Anything... I betcha it'll be good!

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