Frustration with Baking

So, if any of you, who are new to going without gluten have tried baking ... you probably know what I'm talking about. Maybe not though, because I'm one of those people who loves cooking and hates following a recipe. So, while I'm used to throwing this or that into a recipe containing gluten and having it come out alright, I have yet to bake a recipe (following it or not) that is gluten free that hasn't left me in frustrated fits over it.

I just want to be able to throw it together and make something yummy and gluten free. Well, the learning curve for me is still in the twisty turny section of that curve. Someday I'll be able to do just this, but for now I guess I'll fall back on prepackaged goodies and Betty Crocker's Gluten free baking mixes in between my total flops and failures at baking gluten free from scratch.

On the upside, I've had great success with cooking gluten free. It's much easier than baking, for me anyway.

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