All about me ...

This blog is about me, a non-celiac gluten sensitive individual, who is trying to give up gluten without a celiac disease diagnosis to spur her on. I have had celiac disease/gluten intolerance symptoms for as long as I can recall. I've tried going gluten free and felt amazingly better but without the diagnosis telling me that I HAD to give up gluten I eventually revert back to old eating habits.

** I had the biopsy test done to detect celiac and it came back negative. My doctor told me that since my body responds favorably to not having gluten that I should go ahead and just eat that way. Easier said than done, for me anyway.

This blog will record my effort to go low to no gluten to see what happens if I give my body enough time to really function without gluten. My goal is one year ... we will see.

I will try to post daily with recipes, gluten free products that I find or other things I find noteworthy.

***If you have celiac disease please check recipes carefully as I am trying to go low to no gluten but am not cutting out every speck entirely as a celiac diagnosed person must do.

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